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Our handmade kitchen collection is crafted using only 100% cotton, ensuring that you get a completely natural and healthy product for your kitchen. From the soft fabric to the durable filler, we’ve carefully selected and used only the highest quality materials.

We hope our products bring joy and efficiency to your kitchen as much as they do for us. We love all our products and use them in our very own kitchen as well.

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About the Creator

Meet Rachel

Rachel’s childhood was spent in the picturesque mountains of Vermont, where she was immersed in a culture that encouraged hands-on learning. It was through her participation in 4H that she discovered her love of sewing, an activity that she finds both challenging and rewarding.

Rachel has remained deeply committed to her roots and has developed a passion for all things organic. Whether it’s food, clothing, or beauty products, Rachel believes in the power of organic living to promote health and sustainability. Her passion for all things organic fuels her drive to grow organic food, support local farmers, and source the highest quality products that are free from harmful chemicals and other toxins.