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At Rosy Hill Organics, we believe that you should know where your food comes from and this includes your animals’ feed too! We have partnered with New Country Organics to bring the greater Charlotte area an all organic feed store with the best certified-organic, soy-free feed, animal health products, bedding, and even horticulture.

In addition, we stock Premier 1 Supplies. From moveable fencing and replacement parts to poultry supplies.

SPECIAL ORDERS: Don’t see what you need in stock?*
We are happy to add special requests to our order at any time. We place our orders once a month. Call or text 803-792-1587 or message us any time to place a special order. Special orders must be paid for upfront and picked up within 3 days of notification of arrival.

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Our In-Stock Products

** We accept Venmo or Cash **

Poultry & Livestock Feed

** The Pastured Perfect Line is Corn-Free **

New Shipment of Feed Arrives May 29th.

Pastured Perfect Layer Feed

|  WEIGHT: 40lbs


New Country Organics Pastured Perfect Layer

Classic Grind Layer

|  WEIGHT: 50lbs


New Country Organics Classic Grind Layer Feed

Pastured Perfect Grower/Broiler

|  WEIGHT: 40lbs


New Country Organics Pastured Perfect Grower

Pastured Perfect Chick Starter

|  WEIGHT: 40lbs


New Country Organics Pastured Perfect Chick Starter

Turkey Starter

|  WEIGHT: 40lbs


New Country Organics Turkey Starter

Lespedeza Pellets

|  WEIGHT: 40lbs


New Country Organics Lespedeza

Rabbit Pellets

|  WEIGHT: 40lbs


New Country Organics Rabbit Pellets

Duck Layer Feed

|  WEIGHT: 40lbs


New Country Organics Duck Layer

Feed By The Pound

*** 5lb Minimum ***

Minerals & Supplements

Black Solider Fly Grubs – USA

|  WEIGHT: 0.5lbs


Rosy Hill Organics - Grubs

Organic Kelp

|  WEIGHT: 1.5lbs


Rosy Hill Organics Organic Kelp

Layer Free-Choice Calcium

|  WEIGHT: 3lbs


Rosy Hill Organics Free Choice Calcium

Layer Grit

|  WEIGHT: 3lbs


Rosy Hill Organics Layer Grit

Grower Grit

|  WEIGHT: 3lbs


Rosy Hill Organics Grower Grit

Starter Grit

|  WEIGHT: 3lbs


Rosy Hill Organics Starter Grit

Poultry Supplies

Red Bowl Drinker



Premier 1 Supplies Red Drinker Bowl

Wooden Nest Egg Set



Premier 1 Supplies Wooden Eggs

Little Red Drinker



Premier 1 Supplies Little Red Drinker

Trough Chick Feeder



Premier 1 Supplies Raspberry Trough Feeder

Saturn Yellow Feeder



Premier 1 Supplies Saturn Feeder

3 Gallon Rubber Bucket



Premier 1 Supplies Rubber Bucket

Ascot Feeder



Premier 1 Supplies Ascot Feeder

Chick Stand



Chick Stand - Premier 1

Top Fill Waterers



Premier 1 Supplies Top Fill Waterer

Round Processing Cone



Processing Cone

Real 49 Plus Automatic Egg Incubator




Premier 1 Fencing

Cord Retainer for 19mm Net Posts



Replacement Cord Retainer for Moveable fencing

Replacement Top Caps



Replacement Top Caps for Moveable fencing

Electrical Clip



Replacement Top Clip for Moveable fencing

Replacement NetPosts – 19mm



Replacement NetPost for Moveable fencing

PermaNet Plus 12/48/3 Electric Netting



Premier 1 Supplies 4' Chicken Fence

Layer Feed Calculator

Unsure of how much feed to your chickens?

We recommend feeding 1-2x a day, 1-1.5lb per bird per week.*

Continuous feeding can lead to hen obesity and be very expensive. High quality, organic soy-free feed packs in the nutrients in every peck!

Use the calculator below to calculate the feed needed for your flock each day and how much to purchase monthly.

*When feeding New Country Organics.


You've got questions, we've got answeres!

Give us a call/text or message if you have questions or don’t see the feed you need. Once you are ready to order, please use our Order Request Form. We’d be more than happy to discuss the best feed options and products or share with you how we care for our own livestock.

Once you have submitted your Order Request, we will create an invoice for the items we have in stock. We appreciate your patience since this is a manual process as we ensure your items are available.

For Special Orders, please note payment is due upfront and must be picked up within 3 days of notification of arrival.

We accept Cash or Venmo. Special orders must be paid for in advance. We request full payment to reserve feed with Venmo.

We will notify you for pick up via text and email. We will do our best to work around the times that are best for you. Please be on time for your Pick Up Appointment as we have limited space for orders. If we are unable to meet you at the time of pick up, we will place  your order in one of our pick up carts. If we have multiple pick ups at one time, we will place a name card on your items.

We are a small operation with limited space. We do not hold orders, even with payment. Please make arrangements at time of order.

Special orders must be picked up within 3 days of the order arriving. There is a $2/bag holding fee incurred after that. Any special orders not picked up within 1 week of arriving will forfeit any special orders in the future.

Yes! We place orders monthly and would be happy to add any products from the New Country Organics catalog to our order. Please call, text or email for pricing.

When you visit New Country Organics’ website, the prices listed do not include shipping or tax. For example, one 50lb bag of Classic Grind Layer shipped to Charlotte, NC, is around $66.75.

Our prices include shipping from the New Country Organics mill to our farm.

  • Starter Feed – Hatched to end of week 5 – all birds (meat or layers)
  • Grower Feed – 6 weeks to 16 weeks (or until you see the first egg) for Pullets (Laying Hens) and Roosters. For Meat/Broilers – 6 weeks to processing. Do not feed baby chicks or laying hens grower feed.
  • Layer Feed – Begin when you see the first egg. This is great for roosters too after they are off the grower feed.

*** Do not feed layer feed to baby chicks ***

Layer feed contains a higher content of calcium that can hurt chick’s kidneys and it also lacks protein vital for their fast growing bodies.

  • Starter Crumble for Chicks and Ducklings – Hatched to end of week 5
  • Duck Feed – 6 weeks+

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