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Boswellic Acid

Boswellic Acid infused in Black Seed Oil

Did you know that frankincense can reduce fine lines and tighten skin? It is a compound called boswellic acid inside the resin that is responsible for this.

We have heard many times before that frankincense essential oil will reduce fine lines and tighten skin. However, frankincense essential oil does not contain any boswellic acid. The compound is too heavy to enter the hydrasol during the distillation process and stays behind in the still. Frankincense resin can be used to infuse boswellic acid, but not all frankincense resin contain Boswellic Acid – only three do – serrata, sacra and carterii. But digging deeper, it is mainly carterii that offers skin benefits with the highest amount of boswellic acid in the raw form.

Boswellic Acid infused in Black Seed Oil

Infusing with straight resin will result in a strong aroma and high concentrations can result in burning the skin. The only way to use it on the skin is to reduce the amount of resin that is infused. However, this will reduce the effectiveness. So we have turned to Boswellic acid powder, which is what is left in the still after making hydrosol and essential oils. It is dried and ground into a powder – offering a tested percentage of 35% into your carrier oil. This is the purest form of boswellic acid.

No heat is required to infuse the oils, just time. We will have blended oils and single carrier oils infused for you in just a couple weeks. We are excited to bring you the highest quality products that have been tested and proven.