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Do your chickens need a boost?

Field Peas

Do your chickens need a boost? Are they molting or maybe production is down?

Let's talk field peas

Field peas are an excellent addition to your poultry feed during colder months. From mid-fall to early spring, there are fewer bugs and natural foliage for your flock to scavenge for. Some birds tolerate the cold just fine, while others need a little boost. Here is where field peas are a great option!

With up to 24% crude protein, field peas help to keep the bird warmer as they digest the whole or cracked peas, giving them extra energy to maintain production, and more protein needed to re-feather during molt. We offer ½ cup for around 15 birds and just increase or decrease based on your flock. Because peas are high in lysine, this helps the chickens absorb the extra protein effectively. Always make sure you have grit available as a free choice to aid in their digestion.

Do your chickens need a boost?

We purchase ours from Azure Standard. They have a storefront with thousands of healthy products for you, your family, and your livestock, with drop points all over the United States. Click the link below to purchase your own 50lb bag! We will have smaller quantities available for your convenience in the greater Charlotte area. Purchase 5lb bags at the Rosy Hill Organics Feed Store starting the first part of November. Always choose organic for your poultry and livestock!