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Our Products

Organic, Handmade, Home Grown

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Our products are all made here on the farm. Shop from our farm fresh offerings, personal care products we have sourced for the highest quality ingredients, our organic baby collection made with 100% organic materials from fabric to thread, handmade kitchen goods made from 100% cotton, Remond Real Salt products or support Rosy Hill with a hat or sticker.

Farm Fresh

Organic & Home Grown

Farm Fresh Organic Eggs

Organic No-Soy Pastured Eggs

Our fresh unwashed rainbow dozen are organic, no-soy and pastured. They are a great source of vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium and iodine.


Organic Sandwich Bread

Our homemade, organic sandwich bread is so delicious for sandwiches, toast, french toast and more. Made to order.

Out of Season
Fresh Organic Zucchini - Rosy Hill Organics

Garden Fresh Organic Zucchini

Our organic zucchini are picked fresh from our garden and ready to eat.


Organic Peaches

Nothing like a sun-ripened peach. Our organic peaches are free from all sprays and are rippened on the tree.


Garden Fresh Organic Roma Tomatoes

Our organic sun-ripened tomatoes are picked fresh and are full of flavor. Perfect for a salad, sauces or any recipe.


Organic Fridge Pickles

Our organic pickles are grown in our garden and sliced into spears. We add plenty of freshly grown dill and various spices to make the perfect pickle.

Hydrangeas at Rosy Hill Organics

XL Blue Hydrangea Blooms

Our blue hydrangea blooms are free of pesticides and herbicides. Brighten any room with these beauties!