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Wild Yam Cream

Wild Yam Cream - Rosy Hill Organics

Wild Yam Cream. Have you heard of it? Kind of sounds like a potato. Wild yam (Dioscorea villosa L.) is a vine that’s native to North America and has been used since the 18th century for all sorts of ailments like menstrual cramps, coughs, and more.

Scientists discovered in the 1950s that they could chemically alter wild yam root by extracting diosgenin to become bio-identical to human progesterone, estrogen, cortisone, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). You may think this is a healthy and natural way to find hormonal balance, but is it? Certain nationally branded products might list “USP grade progesterone” or “derived from Wild Yam” in their ingredients and tout them as natural progesterone boosters. However, diosgenin requires chemical reactions that can only take place in a laboratory setting. This leads to many other questions. What other chemicals are used? Are those chemicals toxic? What processes are done? Should we be ingesting or using topically on our body products that were created in a lab without full disclosure?

You’ll find many studies rebuking the effectiveness of Wild Yam in its natural state, but we now know that not all studies are created equal. We need to find solutions that truly are natural, organic, raw, and real to find healing. This is why we chose to make our own Wild Yam Cream.

Wild Yam Cream - Rosy Hill Organics

Our Wild Yam Cream is made using only the highest quality ingredients. We source organic wild yam root and organic chaste berries, which we then infuse into fresh organic olive oil for no less than four weeks to ensure maximum potency. After maturation, the natural material is carefully strained through an organic cloth, leaving behind only the rich infused oil. We then gently heat the oil at a low temperature and combine it with organic beeswax, followed by the addition of organic wheat germ oil for additional Vitamin E.

For a luxurious and aromatic experience, we have selected Bergamot and Clary Sage Essential Oils, not just for their beautiful scent but also for their natural hormone-balancing properties and anti-inflammatory effects. The result is a unique and heavenly blend with subtle notes of sweet beeswax and Earl Grey tea.

But our Wild Yam Cream is not just about the luxurious experience, it is also incredibly effective. It has been known to alleviate mood swings, low libido, weight gain, fatigue, hot flashes, insomnia, and irregular menstrual cycles, among other concerns.

With all natural products, results may vary. We suggest using the product for 8+weeks to see full results. Try it today for a more balanced and natural approach to hormone health.

Wild Yam Cream - Rosy Hill Organics

Benefits of Ingredients

Wild Yam Root – Alleviates digestion, PMS, regulate menstrual cycles, arthritis, infertility, and improves cholesterol levels.

Organic Chaste Berry (Vitex) – Alleviate PMS, menopausal symptoms, infertility and a natural bug repellent.

Organic Bees Wax – Enhances skin’s appearance and elasticity.

Organic Wheat Germ Oil – Contains highest amount of Vitamin E, elevates nervous system function, lowers anxiety, depression, and overall blood flow to the skin.

Organic Bergamot Essential Oil – Reduces inflammation, lower cholesterol levels, and increase positive mood.

Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil – Alleviates menopausal symptoms, PMS, menstrual cramps, anxiety, and stress.