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Supplements & Wild Yam Cream

Magnesium Oil Spray
From the Desk of Rachel Abplanalp
It brings me immense joy to help others, especially helping people to live a healthier life and I’m so glad you have found Rosy Hill. Some of our customers experience elevated symptoms from hormonal imbalance. I like to recommend some additional supplements that can help alleviate symptoms while our Wild Yam Cream works to heal the body.

Chaste Berry Tincture

Suggested Use: 3-4 droppers per day mixed with juice
*** We will be offering an organic tincture later this spring, but please use the link above to purchase ***
For ladies suffering from PMS, cramping and hot flashes, Chaste Berry Tincture is a great option to alleviate those symptoms. I would recommend starting slow. 1/2 dropper 2x a day, then work your way up to 1 dropper 2x per day. If you don’t notice any difference, you can increase to the full amount they recommend 1 full dropper 3-4x a day.

Grass-Fed Liver Supplements

Suggested Use: 3-6 pills per day

For ladies who suffer from heavy menstrual cycles, these are a must! Grass-fed beef organs contain a high amount of heme-iron, which is the easiest for our bodies to absorb. Ancestral Supplements offers freeze-dried grass-fed/finished organ supplements. 6 pills a day gives you one ounce of organ meat. Each organ offers meat offers specific vitamins and minerals. Liver is a great place to start. If you suffer from Thyroid issues, look into beef thyroid (and Brazil Nuts) or if you lack vitamin B and iron, look into beef spleen.
With any of these supplements, I would suggest to start slow. Liver has high levels of vitamin A can make you feel nauseous if you are not used to it. If you are exceptionally low on iron, you can work your way up to 12 pills a day to boost hemoglobin.
Visit their Ancestral Supplement’s website for special deals if you are ready to take the plunge for bulk buying!


Redmonds Real Salt copy

Redmonds Real Salt

Suggested Use: Add to water and salt food as needed
A lot of our issues in the developed world are that we have access to so many processed foods, horrendously bad meat supply and hybrid vegetables, that we are very deficient in vitamins and minerals and, in turn, dehydrated. Minerals are necessary to hydrate our organs. Drinking water alone is not sufficient.
I would recommend putting a pinch of salt in your glass of water every time you fill up. This will help your body flush out toxins too – this is vital with castor oil packs. Use this salt instead of table or sea salt. Alternatively, you can use Celtic Gray Sea Salt.

Magnesium Oil

Suggested Use: Use 2x Daily

In additional to high-quality salt for our food, we recommend using Magnesium Oil spray to increase your magnesium stores. Magnesium is vital in regulation blood pressure, blood sugar, muscle and nerve function, plus supporting healthy pregnancies and bone, protein and DNA function. An amazing supplement for all ages. Magnesium Oil works with the Wild Yam Cream to help relax the uterus (amongst other muscles) and reduces stress.

There are many different forms of magnesium and most can be quite harsh on the digestive tract, so I don’t recommend taking it orally. Magnesium Oil is made from magnesium chloride flakes (Rosy Hill’s are sourced from the Dead Sea). Magnesium Chloride is best absorbed through the skin and has the least amount of negative side effects. You can alternative soak your feet or body each day, but the spray makes it easier and takes less time to get the magnesium you need.

Our Magnesium Oil comes in Unscented or Lavender. Alternatively, you can add any scent you like to our 4oz bottles, use up to 15 drops of essential oil of our choice!


Evening Primrose Oil

Suggested Use: 1 pill per day
Evening Primrose Oil can have the same benefits of Chaste Berry Tincture. Some women have said that it helps to alleviate heavy menstrual cycles, hot flashes and PMS symptoms.
I have not been able to find an organic brand – any organic Evening Primrose products currently listed on Amazon are not actually organic – I was not able to locate them in the USDA Organic Integrity Database. This brand makes other great supplements that I have purchased and at least you are not paying for false claims of quality. I will continue to look for a better supplier for this and update this article when I have located one.
How to Purchase Farm Fresh Eggs


Our diets are key to a healthy lifestyle and cannot be left out of our healing journey. First place to start is to find a high-quality grass-fed/finished beef, local to you. Most grass-fed beef in the grocery stores is from Australia. It’s puzzling to me how it’s cheaper to raise and ship it here than to raise and sell directly from the US. Grass-fed/finished beef is full of vitamins and minerals and is excellent to help raise your iron levels naturally, as well as D, A and B vitamins. Try to eat 1-2x a week (or more).
Pastured, organic, soy-free eggs are also FULL of nutrients. If you can locate a local farmer, I’d highly suggest buying from them. Farm fresh eggs can last 4 weeks on your counter without issue. Store-bought eggs have almost no nutrients in them.  Some fun facts about organic farm fresh eggs over commercial eggs:

  • Nearly 600% more Vitamin D
  • Significantly more B Vitamins
  • 25% more Vitamin E
  • 75% more Beta Carotene
  • Up to 20 times more Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Less Cholesterol and Saturated Fat
  • They also are a great source of Selenium and Iodine.
  • Never any vaccines, antibiotics or pharmaceuticals
I would also recommend avoiding soy at all costs. I love Barbara O’Neill, but I differ with her on two main areas – I do not think soy is beneficial (conventional or organic) and I believe high-quality meat, eggs and dairy are vital to excellent health. If you are eating meat, eggs or dairy from an animal that consumed soy or corn (especially GMO’d), you will have inflammation. That is why finding farmers and/or farmers markets convenient to you is key.
Lastly, ditch the processed foods (this includes ultra-pasteurized and homogenized dairy). Boxes foods are full of absolute junk – even the organic stuff. It’s not to say you can’t eat out or have a “treat”, but it is best to stay away from these foods as a regular in your diet. I look forward to the day where we have much higher-quality food options available in restaurants and on our grocery store shelves.
Feel free to reach out using the form below with any questions, we’d be happy to help in any way we can!